Felted Wool Blanket Master Class

Make a gorgeous wool blanket from felted sweaters in 6 weeks (without fear of messing up!)


Have you been dreaming of making a blanket from wool sweaters but don't know where to begin?

Maybe you're afraid of ruining the sweaters,
or you're hesitant that your blanket won't turn out to be full of the loveliness you imagine?
I know all those feelings!

In the Felted Wool Blanket Master Class ($297) January 12 - February 23, 2019 I'll walk a group of blanket-makers step-by-step through the process of making a “sweater blanket” from upcycled wool sweaters. The class includes video and written instructions so you can choose your favorite learning style.

In addition to teaching the mechanics of basic blanket-making, I'll also help you think through and plan the design stage of your unique blanket using the sweater colors and textures you have available. The course is designed as a work-along class, and is structured to enable you to actually finish your blanket. Since you have complete freedom to decide on the size of blanket you make, you can influence how much time you will need to spend on the project. (The smaller the blanket, the less time required.)

Also! You're completely welcome to simply self-pace the class and not aim to finish in 6 weeks. Either choice is fine!

This Felted Wool Blanket Masterclass will be presented in 3 sections of 2 weeks each, providing time to work on each portion of the project before moving on. We will have a private Facebook page for our virtual meeting place for asking questions, getting input from me, sharing what we're doing, encouraging each other and designing together. This is where the fun happens!

I was surprised at the wonderfulness of the group--so much fun!
I have never checked Facebook
so often, waiting to see who made what
or what was next.” — Linda, class participant

January 12: Section 1 opens.
During these 2 weeks, expect to spend 5-8 hours on homework after your sweaters are collected, depending on blanket size.

  • Find and choose good sweaters
  • Prepare the sweaters for felting
  • Felt the sweaters
  • Cut the sweaters for the blanket

January 26: Section 2 opens.
During these 2 weeks, expect to spend 6-12 hours on homework, depending on blanket size and complexity.

  • Design and lay out your blanket
  • Prepare the layout for sewing
  • Sew the blanket together
  • Square the blanket and trim it

February 9: Section 3 opens.
During these 2 weeks, expect to spend 4-6 hours on homework.

  • Make the continuous bias binding
  • Apply the bias binding

Febrary 23: Class ends (but material continues to be available to you indefinitely!)

  • Class closing and sharing of blankets

Bonus material: An appliqué overview.

  • A basic lesson in decorative appliqué techniques for the blanket top.

Ahhh: Work at your own pace!

With more class material in Sections 1 and 2, there's enough content for you to choose your own pace through the first 4 weeks.
With less material in Section 3, I've tried to provide time to catch up, wrap up, and actually complete a blanket by the end of class.
If time is a concern, seriously consider starting with a smaller blanket.
Whatever you choose and however you work, I'll be there to cheer you on!

What past class participants say:

"I was glad to learn how to handle the wool. It's vastly different from cotton.
It wiggles and moves all over the place! Seeing the techniques
you used was really helpful." —Patti

"I was totally surprised at how wonderful my blanket turned out, a testament
to your organized way of instruction!" —Linda B.

"I love that you covered making the binding. I've done some blanket-making on my own
and have never tried this method. I also loved the challenge of doing some math!" —Stephanie

"The most valuable part of the class was how you broke it down
into manageable parts. I also loved that we could get feedback from
you and others in the group. I really felt like we were there to support each other." —Sara

"The videos were so helpful! I'm a visual learner, so watching some of them a couple of times was great!" —Simone

"The best part of the class for me was the details. I sewed with and felted sweaters
before taking the class, but I learned a lot and I now do some things differently.
I remember thinking, 'Ah, genius...' several times." —Linda C.

Your Instructor

Joan Olson
Joan Olson

Joan blends her knowledge and practice from 9 years in blanket-making and 20 years in occupational therapy to coach you to make your own felted wool sweater blanket. She'll walk you through each step comprehensively (occupational therapists are task-breakdown experts!). She'll also guide you on your path to express yourself in your work, beautifully.

Joan has made over 130 keepsake art blankets from repurposed sweaters and has been blogging their stories since 2009 at greensheepstudio.com. Nearly half of her work is custom designs, for which she works closely with clients to create meaningful personalized gifts. Many of her blankets are Legacy Blankets, designed to commemorate the life and love of a family member who has passed on.

Joan sells her blankets online and at occasional art shows in the Chicago area.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The work-along aspect of the class begins January 12 and comes to an end on February 23, 2019. But the course content, videos and PDFs continue to be available indefinitely! Come back anytime and refer to the class materials to make more blankets!
How long do I have access to the course?
Lifetime access! After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
If you are dissatisfied, please contact me and tell what is not working for you. I would love to work with you to turn that around and find a satisfying solution.
What size blanket will we make in the class?
You can choose! It could be a baby blanket (36” x 36”), a lap blanket (40” x 50”), or a throw (55” x 70”). If you're feeling confident, you can go even larger! But take note: The size you choose will affect the number of sweaters needed and the time required to make your blanket.
How much sewing experience do I need?
You will need basic sewing skills and knowledge of how to use your sewing machine. For this blanket project, we will mostly sew straight seams/lines with a straight stitch.
How fancy does my sewing machine need to be? Do I need a serger for this project?
All you need is a sewing machine that can sew a straight stitch. No serger is needed.
How adept with technology do I need to be to take part in this class?
It would be good to be moderately comfortable with Facebook (where we will have a private group). And it would GREATLY contribute to our classroom feel if you know how to take a photo and post it on Facebook. (Our Facebook page is where the class really gets fun!) The content portion of the class is on Teachable. You will be emailed the link to the material on the day the course opens.
Is the class live? I might have difficulty attending if it's live.
No, the class is not live, although it IS interactive. Participants will have constant access to both videos and PDFs of written instructions, which they will be able to view and use whenever it’s convenient. The Facebook group will allow the class to interact, but each person can access it at her own leisure.
What supplies do I need for this class?
Sewing machine with needles and bobbins; thread; sharp sewing scissors; tape measure; measuring gauge; straight pins (I suggest long pins w/ colored ball-heads); steam iron and ironing board; old pillow cases; safety pins; seam ripper; washing machine, laundry detergent and dryer (for felting the sweaters); wool sweaters.
I'm a quilter with quilting supplies. Will I be able to use any of those?
Yes! In fact, here are supplies that aren't necessary but ARE helpful: cutting mat; rotary cutter and ruler; walking foot for sewing machine; twin needle; sweater comb; steam station iron.
I want my budget to be ready when the course launches. How much will it cost?
The Felted Wool Blanket Master Class is $297. This includes 20 lessons to take you from a blank slate to a fully completed blanket. It also includes a bonus lesson on Appliqué Basics for jumping into the next level of design and creation. Participants have access to all materials ALWAYS and FOREVER!

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